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Traditional Services

The  value of a traditional funeral service can be measured in many areas. The death of a loved one is a difficult time for the family and friends left behind.
    The traditional service provides a chance for those left behind to gather to express their love and respect for the deceased. It also provides a chance to share in the grieving process, which is essential to adjusting to the loss of the loved one.
    The traditional service includes the Visitation, the Funeral Service, and the Burial Service.
    The Visitation provides a chance for family and friends to gather to express love and respect and to share grief in the presence of the body. It helps provide a point of closure, which is an emotional necessity for those left behind. It can be public or private, and the number of days and hours of visitation vary according to religion and local customs and are determined by the family.
    There are many options available for the Funeral Service, beginning with location. The service can be held at our facility, at the appropriate church or synagogue, or at any other appropriate location chosen by the family. The service usually includes the reading of certain prayers or religious passages as well as a eulogy or other tribute read by a close friend or relative.
    The traditional service concludes with a brief graveside ceremony followed by the burial.

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