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     Welcome to the website of Adonizio Funeral Home, LLC. As the owner and funeral director of Adonizio Funeral Home, LLC, I, along with my wife, Alicia, recognize the long-standing traditions involved in planning the perfect funeral, while at the same time we understand that we live in an ever-changing world with ever-changing needs and desires. This site was designed with those thoughts in mind.

     We understand that planning a funeral is a very difficult, yet necessary process and we take great pride in providing the most compassionate, sincere service possible, while also offering families the most options possible during their time of need.

     We go to great lengths to ensure that your experience at Adonizio Funeral Home, LLC is one of dignity and respect. From our facility, to our service, and now to our web site, everything is designed to provide your family with the most professional, compassionate service possible during your time of need.

     We hope this website will provide some insight into our funeral home, from our facilty to our services while also answering any question you may have about the funeral process.
                                                                                                                                            -- Peter J. Adonizio, Sr.


Peter J. Adonizio, Sr.

Alicia Adonizio
Business Manager

Peter J. Adonizio, Jr.
Funeral Director

Joseph P. Adonizio
Funeral Director

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