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     Welcome to the Adonizio Funeral Home, LLC. Our facility is currently located at 251 William Street, Pittston, Pennsylvania. Our original location at 802 Susquehanna Avenue, West Pittston, PA was destroyed in September 2011 by the historic flooding caused by Tropical Storm Lee.

     Our original location was established in 2001 at the site of the former Donnelly Funeral Home. Since its inception, we at Adonizio Funeral Home, LLC have always striven to provide a peaceful setting for local families to commemorate the loss of a loved one. Now at our new location at 251 William Street, Pittston, the same tradition of quality service proudly continues.

     Assisted by my wife, Alicia and our two sons, Peter, Jr. and Joseph, we provide some of the area's most compassionate funeral care.

     Since opening our original establishment in 2001, local families have found that both service and professionalism are paramount at Adonizio Funeral Home, LLC.

     Please take a few moments to view the gallery of photos of our home. We hope it will give you a true sense and feel of the beauty and serenity found in our home. You can also click the button below to view photos of our previous home and the destruction caused there in 2011 by Tropical Storm Lee.

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