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Personalized Services

     As always, our goal at Peter J. Adonizio Funeral Home is to provide the most personal service possible. To this end, we make every effort to offer the most personal, unique services available to each family.
    All of our services are fully flexible to meet the needs and desires of the family. We encourage each family to inquire about introducing any effects or possessions of the deceased into the viewing and other memorial services to make it a more personal experience for all involved.
    Just a few examples are memorial easels set up during viewing to display photos to the deceased, displaying certain favorite items relating to hobbies of the deceased, displaying a favorite automobille or actually using it to transport the deceased or their family members during the ceremony are all things that have been done in the past. We try to work with each family to make their experience as unique as the individual they are mourning. Your options are basically limited only to your or the deceased's imagination.

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